My Story

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Several years ago in Albuquerque, NM a little fairy tale began to unfold with the birth of a beautiful baby girl named Miriam Hope. From the very beginning of her life, Miriam began to weave her magic spell with her captivating personality and creative genius. As soon as she could hold a pencil, the golden-haired little girl began making artsy little masterpieces. Becoming her signature love language, Miriam would create her delightful drawings for her family and friends. Even to this day, her mother has many of those treasured memories tucked away.

During her charmed childhood, Miriam also developed a love for climbing trees. One day she decided to climb to the highest point of the tallest tree in her backyard. After attaining that dizzying height, Miriam left her favorite doll on that lofty perch as a silent testament to her determined ability to daringly reach for the stars.

Currently residing in Connecticut, Miriam gives all the glory to God for the talents He has invested in her life. She is thankful to Him every day of her life for the divine blessings bestowed upon her life.

Miriam Hope is a self taught baker who started her first business at age 11. In March of 2011, she was discovered by Elvis Duran and The Morning Show which led to the nationwide launch of her web-based truffle business. With the opening of her dessert studio the following year, Miriam continues to creatively fuse fashion, food and interior design to create a magical atmosphere of enchantment that is sure to leave you… SPELLBOUND.